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About Us

Affordable North Atlanta Plumbing Service

Our History

We are a young North Atlanta Plumbing Service Company. Our team members have been Marietta Plumbers for 10+ years each but we realized that plumbing companies were constantly charging more, while serving less. So we decided it was time to launch our own Atlanta Plumbing service that focused less on big money advertising, and more on small company service. The best part is that it’s working. As a result of our great service, customer word of mouth is spreading the good news and we are growing!

Our company founders have 18+ and 12+ years of experience in the North Atlanta area working for the largest commercial and residential plumbing companies in the South. Our goal is to provide big company capabilities with family owned service and prices.

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When you call us, you speak with an expert plumber.

Lowest Trip Charge in North Atlanta.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my toilet Constantly running?

Your toilet could need something as simple as a basic rebuild with internal parts.  However, the cause of toilets running and faucets dripping is usually a sign of a failed pressure reducing valve which can cause leaks, and wreaks havoc on your system. Get it checked out before larger problems follow!

Why does my drain keep getting clogged?

Drain clogs can be something as simple as a build-up of hair or debris.  However, constant clogging or gurgling noises can be signs of something major coming.  You may have roots, a build-up of grease, or a broken/bellied pipe.  Over the counter drain-o type products typically cause more harm than good, and we advise against them.

Why does my hot water run out fast?

Your water heater may be undersized for your home.  Water heaters must be able to handle the max load of gallons per minute on your fixtures, and these rules aren’t always followed.  You may also have a build up of sediment in your tank causing heating issues.  There are many different variables that come into play such as failed recirculation pumps, or check valves.  We are equipped to diagnose all of these possible scenarios.

Why do I keep getting pin hole leaks in my water pipes?

There are many different reasons for this.  Copper pipes are subject to electrolysis, and the hard water in the metro Atlanta area leave these pipes prone to leaks.  There are also defective polybutylene pipes that have been recalled and consistently cause these issues.  We have experience with diagnosing all portable water pipe materials and explaining your best options.


225 Parkway 575 # 876, Woodstock, GA 30188


Service Area

North Metro Atlanta including Cobb County, Cherokee County, Woodstock, Canton, Alpharetta, Milton, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Kennesaw, Marietta, Dallas, Acworth, Cumming, And John’s Creek