All of us want to enjoy our holidays and have a stress-free celebration with our loved ones. But imagine having plumbing troubles in the middle of Christmas eve while fixing up your Christmas dinner; isn’t that the absolute worst?

When the holiday season is coming up, that means more guests are coming to your home, and you’ll get even busier cleaning and decorating your house. While you’re cleaning and putting up your Christmas decorations, you should also prepare your plumbing for the holiday season.

It might sound silly at first, but the key to enjoying your holiday festivities is eliminating all possible house issues and getting any repairs out of the way. This is why some homeowners contact their go-to plumbing service for thorough plumbing inspections, repairs, and replacements their water system may need. 

If you’re getting ready for the holidays and you have your home plumbing part of your list of things to manage, keep reading! It’s always better to practice precautionary measures to ensure that your plumbing and water system won’t experience any issues during the holidays. 

Below is our ultimate plumbing checklist that will help you during the holiday season. So grab a cup of hot chocolate, and let’s dive in!

Make your water guest-ready

Having guests over for the holidays is a must, and you need to make sure that all of your home’s features, especially your water, is guest-ready. This means you need to check your pipes, your water heater, and water pressure before your loved ones arrive.

When you have a plumbing issue while you have guests around, it will only add to your holiday stress and ruin the holiday spirit. Besides that, plumbing issues can also make your guests uncomfortable. So, it’s always best to check your plumbing early to avoid any problems that may happen.

Don’t let your pipes freeze

Frozen pipes are one of the biggest plumbing issues that you may encounter during the holidays, and because of this, you need to protect them. 

To protect your pipes during the cold winter months, cover your pipes with insulated sleeves or wraps. With the assistance of your local plumber, you’ll be able to properly wrap your sleeves on your pipes to avoid it from freezing up and breaking during winter. 

Watch out for toilet clogs

When you have many guests using your water system simultaneously, it may affect your home’s water pressure. And with that, you might experience unpleasant toilet clogging. 

To dodge any bathroom mess and embarrassing toilet moments, prepare for toilet clogs ahead of time by checking your toilet’s water levels and having a plunger ready in each bathroom. 

Check your appliances and valves

While you’re doing a thorough inspection of your house, don’t leave out your appliances and water valves. Inspect appliances like your dishwasher, water heater, refrigerator, and washing machine for any dampness and standing water.

If you see alarming signs of water damage, it’s best to contact your professional local plumber to address any of your water issues before your guests arrive. 

Book a plumbing inspection

If you want to prevent plumbing issues all year round, it’s best to schedule regular plumbing inspections to help you stay on top of any water issues you have at home. 

Getting regular inspections is incredibly cost-efficient and ideal, especially during the holiday season. You’ll get to identify and control plumbing problems right away, avoiding any holiday hassle that may get in the way of your festivities. 


Everybody wants to have a wonderful and memorable Christmas, and none of us wants any plumbing issues and house problems to get in the way. So now that the holidays are fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to take precautionary measures and start taking care of house issues before your guests arrive. Schedule an inspection with your local plumber and tick off all plumbing related issues so that you can enjoy your holidays with your loved ones!

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