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Tankless Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Being up on the latest technology can also mean being eco-friendly and saving you some bucks; tankless water heaters are among these. Your conventional water heater is likely storing a gallon of water you’re not using while wasting energy keeping it warm. 

At Plumb Medic LLC, our technicians are trained to repair, repair, and maintain all kinds of water heaters. Whether you have an emergency failing water heater or you are looking to upgrade to a tankless unit, we have you covered. Choosing the right hot water solutions for your home can be overwhelming because there are so many options, but we’ll assist you in making the best decision.


Get a More Efficient Hot Water Solution

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient hot water solution, we’re your guys. A tankless water heater can last you more than 20 years if properly installed and maintained by a licensed technician. Your tankless water heater must be sized correctly so that it can handle your demand no matter the usage rate or time of year. Some of their advantages include:

  • Space Saving: Since there is no tank, they are small. They can be tucked away in a closet, leaving more room for storage.
  • Monthly Costly Savings: Higher efficiency means less energy will be wasted, and therefore, lower bills.
  • Clean, Fresh Water: Since there is no stored water in the tank, there’s no risk of bacteria growing.
  • Eco-friendly: Less water and electricity are consumed, which is better for the environment.
  • Leak-Resistant: Without a tank, leaks are considerably reduced.

Many things go into choosing a tankless water heater in Sandy for your home or commercial building. At Plumb Medic LLC, we only install top quality on-demand unit brands like Rinnai and Navien that have stood the test of time. We’ll explain your different options thoroughly so you make an informed decision on what unit works best for you. 

We Can Install or Repair Your Existing Tankless Water Heater

If you already own a tankless water heater and need a repair, or if you’ve decided it’s time to switch, we can help. We know how important it is to have hot running water you can depend on. There are many benefits to having tankless water heaters, but installing and repairing them requires expertise. Our team at Plumb Medic LLC possesses all these skills.

Here at Plumb Medic LLC, when it comes to hot water solutions, there is nothing we haven’t seen or can’t handle. If you want to install or repair your tankless water heater in Sandy, call us now!


Our Plumbing Services

We offer toilet repair services including: installing toilets, leak repair, toilet flange replacement and toilet rebuilds. If there's something funny going on with your throne, we can whip it back into shape!

We diagnose and repair problematic gas, electric, and tankless water heaters. We also install new gas, electric, and tankless heaters, whether it needs to be replaced or you're looking for an upgrade. We only install top rated water heaters, that withstand the test of time. Not a subpar low quality one from a home store.

Whether you're looking to repair your shower valve or faucets, or upgrade to new fixtures we've got you covered. Our team has replaced thousands of these and know what to look for!

Looking to add line for a bbq or pool heater? We are certified to handle any size gas line installation or repair.

Do you have water leaks or a high water bill?  Whether it's a pin hole or a whole line replacement we've got you covered.

Sewage and water doesn't flow uphill! We can install and service pumps for non gravity fed solutions.

Are you looking for an energy efficient upgrade?  On demand tankless solutions can provide your home or business with endless hot water.

Do you have a water or drain leak and can't locate the source?  We are equipped to make the toughest repairs under your foundation.

Are you drains backing up or clogging?  We have the know how to handle small clogs all the way to full sewer line replacements.

Have you been wanting to finish your basement or upgrade a bathroom?  We are equipped to bring your dreams to reality.

We work hand in hand with the best restoration team in Atlanta.  Our experts will work with you to restore your home better than ever.

Have you been wanting to finish your basement or upgrade a bathroom?  We are equipped to bring your dreams to reality.


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