adult male using a wrench to make adjustments on water heater

Who would like a cold shower during winter? Absolutely nobody. A water heater is critical for multiple daily activities. From a hot bath to cooking, a water heater helps make your life easier, as long as it’s working correctly.

If your water heater is perhaps too old or not working efficiently, then it would be cost-effective to schedule a water heater replacement. Before you spend more money on a water heater repair in Woodstock, take a look at five signs that tell you when you need a new water heater. 

Your Heater is 10+ Years Old

Depending on your brand and your water heater’s manufacturer, you can check online on their website or use their serial number to find your water heater’s age. Water heaters are like decades; after year ten, they’re over. Ten years is the average lifespan of water heaters, so if you realize your unit is older than this lifespan, you should immediately look for a new one. 

Your Water is Rusty 

Suppose you start noticing water is turning out rusty. In that case, most likely, your water heater is already rusted on the inside. To make sure this isn’t just a one-off event, try to fill multiple containers with water. If all the containers come out rusty, your unit needs to be changed immediately to prevent future leaks and contamination.

Cold Water

This sign can either be too pronounced or too deceptive to notice. If your water is not running hot anymore, then you need a water heater repair or upgrade. But sometimes, the issue begins when you start noticing a lack of hot water.

Sometimes during a shower, you might be able to get hot water at first, but you’ll end your shower with cold water instead of hot all the way through. This issue is a hint that your water heater is not working efficiently and you most likely need water heater replacement. 

Strange Sounds 

When your water heater starts to sound like an airplane trying to take flight or a locomotive, you must know it’s something you need to worry about. Sediments might be accumulated on the bottom of your tank, which means your water heater will waste more energy when trying to heat water. That’s why you’ll start hearing strange and loud noises from your water heater. Eventually, this problem can also lead to leaks. 


As mentioned above, different reasons can cause leaks in your water heater. You shouldn’t only look for leaks in your unit but also on the connections of fittings that go into your tank. A leak could be devastating for a basement or a closet as it can create floods and mold.

If you find a leak on your tank or connections, you must get a replacement done immediately by professionals like us. At Plumb Medic LLC, we provide the most professional water heater repair in Woodstock. Reach out now and get 5% off your first repair service visit and lowest trip charge in North Atlanta for only $39.